The Last Mosque, 2018 (2'00)

Direction, Art Direction, Animation : Laura N-Tamara
Poem : Shahé Mankerian
Sound design : Jake Williams
Producer : Alex Max, Visible Poetry Project
Voice : Kelsey Fehlner
Casting Director : Simone Norman

Techniques : 2D digital (TVPaint, After Effects), Mixed Media 

On a poem by Shahé Mankerian, as part of the Visible Poetry Project 2018. 
Kids try to hold on to innocence in the wake of the 1970s Lebanese civil war.

The Last Mosque first appeared printed in ‘Arts & Letters’ issue 26, spring 2012.

Screenings : Brooklyn Bazaar, NY (15/04/2018), Junior High, LA (20/05/18),
The Poetry Society, London (09/06/2018), The New York City Poetry Festival (28-29/07/2018) 
Pre-production work
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