The Witch's Mask, 2017 (4'31)

Direction, Art Direction, Animation : Laura N-Tamara
Composer : Derck Littel, Robin Koek, Killed by Best Friend, Lila Cita
Sound design : Jake Williams
Sound mix : Mike Wyeld
Techniques : 2D digital (TVPaint, After Effects), Mixed Media (watercolours, collage, monoprint)
Produced at the Royal College of Art
Supported by the Elf Factory prize

A young man goes back to see his dying mother. But what do you do when your mother is a murderous deity ? 
The Witch’s Mask draws on Indonesian folklore, themes of fatality borrowed from Greek tragedy, and the ambivalence one can feel towards family.

Encounters Film Festival 2018 (UK)
Void International Animation Festival 2018 (Denmark)
British Shorts 2019 (Germany)
Ishinomaki International Film Festival 2017(Japan)
Les Films de la Toile 2017(France)
Animation Dingle 2018 (Ireland)
Garden State Film Festival 2018 (USA)
Cambodia International Film Festival 2018 (Cambodia)
Craft International Animation Festival 2017 (Indonesia)
AnimArte! 2018 (Brazil) 
Super Geek Film Fest 2018 (USA)
Animae Caribe 2018 (Trinidad & Tobago)
Detroit International Animation Festival 2019 (USA)
MaltAdult #11 (Columbus, USA)
The 19th Tbilisi International Film Festival in 'Encounters - Anilab' (Tbilisi, Georgia) 
Accra Animation Film Festival 2019 in 'Best of Encounters' programme (Accra, Ghana)
Character development
Rough colour tests
The Witch's mask background
The Witch's mask background monoprint
The Witch's mask background
The Witch's mask background
The Witch's mask background
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