I was Clean-up Lead on this short film directed by Elyse Kelly for ACLU.
My role consisted of figuring out many of the painterly transitions and adapting the style to animation, as well as animating and doing assist for a few shots.

Client: ACLU Arizona
Production: Neon Zoo
Director: Elyse Kelly
Producer: Molly Kaplan
⁠Art director: Naghmeh Farzaneh
Storyboard artists: Danny Aviles⁠, Darren Enterline⁠
Designers: Anna Bron, Hannah McNally ⁠
⁠Field producer: Nicholas Mihm
Editor: Dan Fipphen

Animators: Joumana Ismail, Eric Larson, Sabine Volkert
Cleanup lead / Assistant animator: Laura Nasir-Tamara
Cleanup / Assistant animator: Hannah O’Brien

Composers: Brooke Blair & Will Blair
Sound designer & mixer: Chris Mastellone
French translator: Jacqueline Smith⁠
Spanish translator: Angela Meléndez
Infield interpreters: Guerline Jozef, Jeef Nelson⁠

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