I directed, designed and animated this short film for science magazine Nature explaining Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).
Client: Nature
Year : 2023
Producer/Narrator: Charlotte Stoddart
Additional Animation: Christine Jaudoin
Supervising Producer: Dan Fox
Publishing Manager: Rebecca Jones
Reported by: Michael Eisenstein
Special Thanks: Herb Brody, Richard Hodson
Nature is a well-known scientific publication and has a youtube channel with a large following of science enthusiasts. In the spirit of their previous videos, including my film about Single Ventricle Defects, this film’s aim was to give concise and clear information regarding the topic of acute kidney injury.
The challenge was to create something both scientifically accurate, visually pleasing and colourful to contrast with the topic of a condition that can be difficult to live with.
After being briefed by the researchers and producers, I created a storyboard based on the producer's script which became the backbone of the film. Once the storyboard received feedback, I then created an animatic based on it. Once that was approved, I start animating. You can see these different stages in this rough video, including my very rough first storyboard :

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