I was Clean-up Lead on this 2D animated music video directed by Fx Goby for Meta.
Creative Agency: Doga5
Production company: Nexus Studios
Direction: Fx Goby
As part of a team including designer Isago Fukuda, background designer Michal Sawtyruk, 2D lead Bethany Levy and many other talents, I was responsible for the characters’ final look on-screen, ensuring they were on model, liaising with design, 2D animation and compositing. To do this, I developed a Clean-up guide for the team with a detailed breakdown of brushes, colours, light and shadow passes, with a particular focus on the sparkly anime eyes. I was lucky to spend some time doing R&D with compositing early on in production, to help develop an efficient pipeline that ensured maximum quality in this intricate anime style.
During production, my role essentially involved leading the other 2D in-house clean-up artists and clean up team, drawing Spotkeys and doing some occasional animation assistance.

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