My Role : 2D animator on dance sequences
Production : La Belle Télé
Writing and Direction : Rokhaya Diallo
DoP /Editor/Artistic collaborator: Cécile Quiroz
Butts : that is the theme of the new documentary by french feminist and antiracist journalist Rokhaya Diallo.
Once hidden and discreet, booties are now everywhere on our screens. Is this a signifier of new sexist norms, or a newfound freedom for our bodies ? An interrogation to be watched on France TV Slash.
Music : Dandyguel
Graphics : Mathilde Clément
2D animation on green screen/live action: Laura N-Tamara
2nd Camera : Camille Lamy, Assistante caméra, Gabriela Grecu
DoP - Studio: Didier Soubrier
Sound Engineer: Loïc Chautemps
Dancer : Aoki
MUA : Leticia Turki
Grade : Jean Ousmane
Documentalist : Lisa Wuyts
Editorial interns: Sarah Djaouab, Shabbaz Noc, Sarah Lévy, Adrianna Sone

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